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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Brief Encounters

Anyone who has visited their online store or received a catalog from TLA Video knows that they have some unique categories for their videos. In addition to such obvious sections as "Editor's Picks" and "Lesbian Erotica", shoppers can browse for titles under such tittillating headings as "Hollywood Full Frontal" and "International Skin".

In their latest attempt to provide their customers with the utmost in specialized choices, TLA has recently added a new category, "Men in Briefs". Reasoning that most A-list actors avoid the big screen full monty (Ewan McGregor notwithstanding), this section will include a vast array of cinematic treasures with one simple common denominator: movie stars in their underwear.

A surprisingly limited selection for now, "Men in Briefs" features some of the quintessential entries into the annals of male undergarments on film, such as John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, Tim Robbins in Bull Durham (pictured) and Tom Cruise in Magnolia (but no Risky Business?) And let us not forget White Squall, which pretty much defines this whole sub-sub-sub- genre.

Yes, you too can discover that Clay Pigeons' Vince Vaughn "favors tight, white boxer briefs that hug his crotch and legs nice and snug!" and that both Keanu Reeves and Steve Martin (ew) "show nice packages" in the "warm comedy" Parenthood. I betcha that ain't quoted on the box ...

Nonetheless, no matter how breathlessly they describe Jackie Chan's "god-like body", there is no way I'm watching that. And by "that", I mean Jackie Chan's First Strike.

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