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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Women We Love: Kate Winslet

Leonardo DiCaprio. Johnny Depp. Patrick Wilson. That is the type of leading man line-up any actress would kill for.

The lady who had them all (on film at least) is the marvelous Kate Winslet. An actress of unfathomable talent, Winslet is a joy to watch simply because she makes it all look so easy, especially when it comes to making her co-star (and audience) fall in love with her.

Winslet appeared seemingly out of nowhere with Heavenly Creatures, solidifying her future stardom with Sense and Sensibility (wherein she was romanced by both Greg Wise and Alan Rickman). However, it was with Titanic that Winslet truly entered into our hearts forever. A lesser actress would have been lost among the ice burgs, but Winslet's Rose is one for the romantic ages.

Other, ever more varied roles followed: Quills, Iris, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Finding Neverland and, most recently, Little Children. With five Oscar nominations at age 31 (the youngest most-nominated person in Academy history), Winslet is poised to overtake current record-holder Meryl Streep as the most nominated actress ever.

And we will have the privilege to witness her every step of the way.

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