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Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Latest in Theaters: Ryan x 3

This week's new releases run the gamut from the metaphysical to the moronic to Michael Myers.

- The abtastic Ryan Reynolds plays three different characters whose lives are inexplicably intertwined in The Nines. One of the trio of roles Reynolds plays is gay, reportedly based on the film's director John August. Hope Davis and little Elle Fanning co-star.
- For what it's worth, Balls of Fury has already been dubbed "not quite the best Will Ferrell movie he never made" by one critic. Tony Award-winning Spelling Bee-er Dan Fogler makes the jump to the big leagues with this comedic attempt to mix ping-pong and kung fu. And what the hell is Christopher Walken (as an Asian mystic, no less) doing here?
- If you are unsure whether of not you want to see Rob Zombie's Halloween remake, the San Francisco Bay Guardian gives you several reasons why you should go for the gore. Or, if your tastes hew toward old school scares, Moviefone takes a look back at the original cast and asks, "where are they now?"
- Itching for a Death Wish-style vigilante flick but can't wait for Jodie Foster's The Brave One? Then Death Sentence is the one for you (or maybe not). Kevin Bacon is a dad who seeks revenge on the thugs who have murdered his son. John Goodman and Kelly Preston also star.

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