Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sword and Sandal

After the success of Gladiator, studios fell all over each other to get the next similarly themed epic onto screens. However, the trend quickly died following the high profile failures of Alexander and Troy (sounds like a gay design firm ... "Welcome to Alexander and Troy, where we fulfill all your decorating needs with a flair".)

Of course, all it takes is another hit to revive a dead genre, so following the blockbuster 300, togas and tunics are now all the rage again: remakes of the semi-classic 80's cheese-fests Conan the Barbarian and Clash of the Titans are now in the works.

Considering that the original heroes played by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Harry Hamlin were barely clad the first go round, it sounds like we'll be in for a veritable beefcake bonanza.

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