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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Women We Love: Patricia Clarkson

Object of our affection: Patricia Clarkson, actress.

- With award-worthy performances in such critically acclaimed films as Far from Heaven, The Station Agent and Pieces of April, she has stole many a scene ... and our hearts as well.

- She made her film debut as Eliot Ness' wife in The Untouchables.

- She's always good in whatever she's in, no matter the size of the role (Good Night and Good Luck, Lars and the Real Girl) or the ultimate quality of the film (The Green Mile, Miracle).

- She and her real-life beau Campbell Scott played a married couple in Craig Lucas' The Dying Gaul.

- On television, her recurring role as Ruth's bohemian sister on Six Feet Under won her two well-deserved Emmy Awards.

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