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Friday, February 29, 2008

31 Days of Oscar: Singin' in the Rain

High on the list of "when Oscar gets it wrong" is the almost total snub of this all-time classic musical comedy. Perhaps the Academy was over honoring Gene Kelly, whose (far inferior) An American in Paris swept the year before. Or maybe they were just overall confused in 1952; it was, after all, the year High Noon and The Quiet Man lost to ... The Greatest Show on Earth, generally regarded as the worst Best Picture ever.

Singin' in the Rain did get two Oscar nominations though: one for Jean Hagen (as Best Supporting Actress for her delicious comic villainess Lina Lamont) and one for Scoring of a Musical ... which it lost to the largely forgotten With a Song in My Heart.

Singin' in the Rain will air tomorrow at 11:00 AM EST on Turner Classic Movies.

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