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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's Official: Writers Strike Over

"Excuse me, shouldn't you be writing something now?"

The scourge that has waylaid television favorites, delayed major motion pictures and threatened the most cherished of film institutions has been vanquished: after exactly 100 days, the Writers Guild of America has voted overwhelmingly to end the dreaded strike and go back to work.

The big news is, of course, Hollywood's big night. Academy president Sid Ganis has already announced that a press conference on Thursday will be held to announce "many, many details" about the Oscar show, now just over a week away.

As for the TV season interruptus, it will still be at least a month before we see the likes of new Ugly Bettys and Grey's Anatomys, while some (like Heroes and the just renewed Pushing Daisies) will likely not return until the fall. For what to expect of your must-sees, TV Guide has a great rundown of what to expect through May.

UPDATE: Check for a handy schedule of when your favorite shows will return to the air.


  1. Pushing Daisies got renewed? Whew. I was afraid I'd seen the last of those two live/undead lovebirds.

  2. Yes, unfortunately we'll have to wait til the fall for another visit to ye ole' Pie Hole ...


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