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Saturday, March 1, 2008

31 Days of Oscar: Lawrence of Arabia

Turner Classic Movies' "31 Days of Oscar" comes to a close tomorrow in a big way, with a salute to epics. And for most people, the film that most comes to mind when they hear that word is David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia.

Vast, sprawling, immense ... one could easily run out of superlatives to describe the cinematic adventures of T.E. Lawrence, portrayed by Peter O'Toole in what has been deemed the best film performance ever. As for the controversial subject of Lawrence's sexuality, homoeroticism is prevalent throughout the film; for example, José Ferrer's Turkish Bey can't keep his hands off our blonde, blue-eyed hero.

Winner of seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Lawrence of Arabia airs at 1:00 PM EST tomorrow on TCM.

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