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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Gay Indie Jones

Two classics of queer cinema, both long absent from DVD, are finally making their debuts on the format in the coming weeks:
  • Tongues Untied: Marlon Riggs' revolutionary documentary celebrates "black men loving black men as a revolutionary act". Utilizing experimental techniques that combine poetry, memoir and even comedy (as in the "Institute of Snap!thology" sequence, where you can learn to do the "diva snap", among others), the film was one of the first to seriously address gay men of color. (Available March 18.)
  • The Living End: Advertised as "An Irresponsible Movie by Gregg Araki", this independent road movie follows a pair of HIV+ gay men as they fight back against the society that views them as doomed outcasts; think of it as an even queerer Thelma & Louise. This DVD edition has been personally remastered and remixed by Araki. (Available April 29).
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