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Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Latest on TV: It's a Sin

Tomorrow, Turner Classic Movies revisits a simpler time, when girls on film could be bad and movie tough guys could get away with anything, with Forbidden Hollywood, a salute to the Pre-Code era, those halcyon days before the dreaded Hays Code took over the movie industry and ruined everything.

In addition to such "taboo" films starring some of the best early cinema sirens as Barbara Stanwyck (Night Nurse), Bette Davis (Three on a Match), Ruth Chatterton (Female) and Norma Shearer (in her Oscar-winning role as The Divorcée and A Free Soul, also starring Lionel Barrymore in his Oscar-winning role), a new TCM documentary on the subject, Thou Shalt Not Sin, will premiere.

And if you miss them tomorrow, all five films and the documentary will be released on DVD this Tuesday. Click here to pre-order TCM Archives: Forbidden Hollywood Collection, Volume 2from

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