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Friday, March 21, 2008

Lost Out

WARNING: this post reveals possible spoilers for those who have not yet watched last night's episode of Lost. Proceed accordingly.

If you were wondering where the gay character was amidst the multi-cultural cast of characters inhabiting the mysterious island on Lost, your questions were answered in last night's episode. Too bad he's already dead.

There were previous hints that Tom Friendly, the burly "Other" portrayed by M.C. Gainey (the character actor best known as the "naked guy" in Sideways), played for our team, but definitive proof was revealed during one of the show's signature flashback sequences in this week's installment, which centered on traitorous castaway Michael (Oz's Harold Perrineau). Friendly was seen living it up in swanky New York hotel with a hunky companion by the name of Arturo (yeah, not exactly subtle, but hey, way to go, Big Tom).

Of course, any one who has seen last year's season finale, wherein Josh Holloway's Sawyer shot Mr. Friendly in cold blood, knows that Tom is no longer with us. Which makes him the second fictional character in the past few months to be "outed" post mortem. What is this, a new trend?

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