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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Potent Quotables: Robotic Eye for the Straight Gal

This exchange between Robby the Robot and Altaira Morbius (Anne Francis) is quoted verbatim from the sci fi classic Forbidden Planet:

Altaira: Where have you been? I've beamed and beamed.
Robby: Sorry, miss. I was giving myself an oil job.
Altaira: Robby, I must have a new dress, right away.
Robby: Again?
Altaira: Oh, but this one must be different! Absolutely nothing must show ... below, above or through.
Robby: Radiation-proof?
Altaira: No, just eye-proof will do.
Robby: Thick and heavy?
Altaira: Oh no, Robby. It must be the loveliest, softest thing you've ever made for me and fit in all the right places, with lots and lots of star sapphires.
Robby: Star sapphires take a week to crystallize properly. Would diamonds or emeralds do?
Altaira: Well, if they're large enough.
Robby: Five, ten and fifteen carats, and on hand. I will run the dress up for you in time for breakfast. Sleep well, miss.
Altaira: (hugging him) Thank you, Robby!

Wow ... he can whip up haute couture overnight and give himself an oil job. That Robby was quite a guy.

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