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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Love is a Many-Gendered Thing

If you (like me) were wondering what happened after the last chocolate was handed out on LOGO's Transamerican Love Story, then star Calpernia Addams has the answers for you in a recent article for The Advocate.

However, being a true Southern lady, she is a bit coy, saying only "I'm looking forward to seeing what might develop in "real life" with Shawn", the bachelor she chose in the finale. More interesting is the possibility of a second season of the groundbreaking dating show ... may I suggest casting Jim Howley, the transsexual writer who "came in third" this season, as the star, providing another point of view of transgender dating.

One thing is for sure: if they bring back the usually hilarious Alec Mapa as host, let him do his thing. As Callie mentions in the article, most of his funny stuff was relegated to the show's website. Maybe that footage will be included on a future DVD release?

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