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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Potent Quotables: Michael Clayton on His Job Description

"I'm not the guy you kill, I'm the guy you buy. Are you so f***ing blind that you don't even see what I am? I sold out Arthur for 80 grand. I'm your easiest problem, and you're gonna kill me? Don't you know who I am? I'm a fixer. I'm a bagman. I do everything from shoplifting housewives to bent congressmen, and you're gonna kill me? What do you need, Karen, lay it on me. You want a carry permit? You want a heads-up on an insider-trading subpoena? I sold out Arthur for 80 grand and a contract, and you're gonna kill me?"

The above monologue, delivered by George Clooney's seemingly desperate Michael Clayton to a flummoxed Karen Crowder (Oscar winner Tilda Swinton), is just a taste of the brilliant confrontation scene between the two morally ambiguous lawyers that is the gripping climax of Tony Gilroy's taut -- and terrific -- legal thriller.

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