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Friday, May 23, 2008

MD Poll: Jonesin' for Action

The internet has virtually exploded over Indiana Jones this week (for example, check out all the posts tagged "Indy 2008" -- as in 2,008 posts -- on Cinematical alone), so it is no big surprise that the classic adventurer tops the latest MD Poll as your favorite action movie hero.

Harrison Ford's iconic Raider of the Lost Ark netted nearly one-quarter of the votes, with James Bond coming in a close second. Supercop John McClane and superspy Jason Bourne also placed in the double digits, while the low-tech ape-man Tarzan rounds out the top five.

See the comments section below for a complete rundown of the stats, and click here for the latest MD Poll.


  1. Who is Your Favorite Movie Action Hero?

    81 total votes

    1. Indiana Jones - 24.7%
    2. James Bond - 21.0
    3. John McClane- 16.0
    4. Jason Bourne - 13.6
    5. Tarzan - 8.6
    6. Robin Hood - 6.2
    7. Zorro - 3.7
    8. Dirty Harry Callahan / John Rambo - 2.5
    10. John Shaft - 1.2

  2. I just got back from Indy IV, and while I didn't find it remotely as good as "Raiders" or "Last Crusade," I'd put it slightly above "Temple of Doom." It had far too much CGI for my taste, but as it progressed, it felt more and more like one of the original films.