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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Back in Bed with Madonna

It has been seventeen years (!) since Madonna played Truth or Dare on the big screen, and the Material Girl-turned-Material Mom has gone through almost as many reinventions. Therefore, it's high time that Miss Cicconi-turned-Mrs. Ritchie was the subject of another eye-opening documentary.

Madge/Maddy/Esther/Mo/M (yes, those are all her various nicknames) will submit her life (and, presumably, Guy's, Lola's and Rocco's) to the harsh glare of the cameras once more for an as-yet unnamed doc to be released next year. Alex Keshishian, who helmed Truth or Dare (a.k.a. In Bed with Madonna) returns for similar duties on the new film.

In related news: Guy Ritchie is taking a crack at legendary literary hero Sherlock Holmes for an upcoming movie reboot (which should make the fictional detective's movie appearances total about a gazillion by now). I wonder how Jason Statham will look in a Deerstalker?

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