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Monday, June 16, 2008

Toon Talk: Hulk Smashin’

It doesn’t happen until late in the movie, but when the emerald-skinned behemoth known as The Incredible Hulk finally says his key comic-born catchphrase “Hulk SMASH!”, it is well worth the wait. After a poorly received Ang Lee directed film version just five years ago, the not-so-jolly green giant is craftily reinvented in this, the latest big screen superhero extravaganza, a lean mean fighting machine of a summer movie, in theaters now.

Indeed, the Hulk does do a lot of smashing in director Louis Leterrier’s (of The Transporter films fame) take on the beloved pop culture antihero; also, a fair share of leaping, howling and general mass destruction. But, as in his original Stan Lee/Jack Kirby comic book form, as well as subsequent four color incarnations and the equally classic 70’s television series (which was basically a variation of another tube classic, The Fugitive), the dramatic aspects of a man whose very body is out of his control is explored … amidst all the smashing, of course.

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