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Friday, July 25, 2008

Doing the New Tron Dance*

In this day and age of instant information via the internet, where every minute detail of motion picture productions are broadcast worldwide in the time it takes to click a mouse, you got to give Disney props for what they pulled off yesterday at Comic-Con.

At the tail end of a presentation for the upcoming "re-imagining" of Escape to Witch Mountain titled Race to Witch Mountain, the Mouse House dropped a bomb that must have had the fanboys wetting their Underoos with glee. Not only did they confirm without a doubt that the long rumored sequel to Tron was being made, they actually showed footage from it. And not just any footage, but footage featuring The Dude himself, Jeff Bridges. Both the MTV Movies Blog and have play-by-plays of the clip, which will likely not be seen by we the masses anytime soon.

No other details of Tron 2 (or, annoyingly, Tr2n) were given, but Imdb lists a 2010 release date.

* Anyone else remember when the Pointer Sisters performed their hit "The Neutron Dance" on some Disney TV special back in the early 80's? There were actually dancers, clad in the familiar Tron costumes, dancing the, well, neutron dance. I tried in vain to find a video of it online, to no avail. So much for the internet ...

UPDATE: See it while you can: cam footage of the Comic-Con trailer.

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