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Friday, July 18, 2008

MD Poll: The Batmen

From vintage movie serials to popular TV series to blockbuster motion pictures, many an actor has donned the cape and cowl of the legendary comic book dark knight known as the Batman. But who is your favorite man behind the mask (or, in some cases, the man behind the microphone)?

Cast your vote in this week's MD Poll (located in the sidebar to your right) and check back in two weeks -- same Bat-time, same Bat-channel! (I've always wanted to say that) -- to find out who will reign supreme as the ultimate Caped Crusader.

UPDATE: This poll is now closed; click here for the results, and click here to vote in the current MD Poll.


  1. the poll doesn't work:( btw I'm from the lost myspace I love your blog I'm def. going to bookmark it :)

  2. I checked it, and it seems to be working fine. If you tried it here on the blog and it didn't work for you, go to my MySpace page and try there, it is posted there as well.

    If not, let me know. Not sure what could cause it to not work for you, maybe try viewing the page with a different browser, such as Firefox ???

    And if anyone else has problems, please let me know.


    - kch


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