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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Music to My Ears

I don't know who Emily Rems is, but I think I just found my new best friend, or at least a kindred spirit as far as movie musicals are concerned. Rems recently wrote about her top ten cinematic tuners for, and I have to say, I like her choices.

In addition to such usual suspects as Cabaret and West Side Story, she has also picked some less-heralded but no doubt worthy examples as The Muppet Movie and The Little Mermaid (often overshadowed by Beauty and the Beast but, in some ways, superior). Also making her cut are a few films that are often looked down upon by cinematic classicists, like Grease, Rent and Moulin Rouge! She even manages to throw out "honorable mention" status to Hairspray and even Hello, Dolly!

These aren't exactly my top ten (no Mary Poppins, for example), but it's a great collection nonetheless.


  1. Hey Kirby! I'm so glad you dug my list! Thanks so much for the sweet shout out!


  2. No problem, thanks for stopping by!

    - kch