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Friday, July 4, 2008

Out in Film: Jaye Davidson

Idol worship: Jaye Davidson, actor.

- Bursting onto the world stage as Dil, the gender-bending hairdresser that was at the center of The Crying Game's biggest secret, his (in)famous full frontal scene is likely the most notorious in film history.

- He was discovered at the wrap party for Derek Jarman's Edward II; supposedly, he was unaware that he would have to appear nude onscreen until the day of filming the "big reveal".

- His Crying Game performance, which was not only his first on film but his first acting job ever, netted him Oscar and BAFTA nominations for Best Supporting Actor and the National Board of Review's prize for "Most Auspicious Debut".

- All the attention from The Crying Game unnerved him so that when the producers of Stargate offered him the role of the godlike Ra, he said that he would only do it for $1 million. They agreed, although they had to alter his costume to hide his freshly pierced nipples.

- Stargate was his last film performance; afterwards, he returned to the career he had prior to all the Crying Game fame, in the British fashion industry. To date, he has expressed no desire to return to acting.

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