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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Grease 3 is the Word(s)

Call it art imitating life, call it an ironic twist of fate, or perhaps it's all just a bizarre coincidence, but as we here at Movie Dearest are in the midst of a poll asking you to vote for the next imaginary movie musical sequel, with one of the cheeky choices being Grease 3: High School Reunion, what does Paramount go and do? They announce plans for a Grease 3.

Seems a third visit to Rydell High is just one of many proposed direct-to-DVD sequels for the studio's "Famous Prods." (their abbreviation, not mine), a branch that will specialize in such, well, "prods." Other titles looking to be sequel-ized include Mean Girls, Road Trip, Bad News Bears and The Naked Gun, the latter two of which have already had plenty of follow-ups. The first title to be released will be Without a Paddle: Nature's Calling. (I'm with you, I had no idea what Without a Paddle was either before I looked it up, let alone why it would deserve a sequel.)

Naturally, if the plot for their Grease 3 is a high school reunion, then I expect full story credit, thank you very much.

UPDATE: Some more information revealed by Paramount Famous' Louis Feola, including possible plots, over at


  1. I like Grease. It's so cool. My 2 favourite characters off Grease are Danny and Sandy.

  2. hi anymore news on grease 3 comming to dvd

  3. Haven't heard anything regarding a "Grease 3" since this was posted.

  4. i BEG of you to do Grease 3!!!!!!! loved the first one, the second one even more! my friends and I watch it 3times a week and im a 30yr old mother of 5!x


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