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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Monthly Wallpaper - September 2008: High School Movies

It's back to school time at Movie Dearest, and what better way to show your school spirit then by downloading this month's calendar wallpaper dedicated to High School Movies!

With this all-star class of cinematic students, all through the month of September you can ponder such burning questions as: who would win the student council election, Tracy Flick or Pedro? Who's a better dancer, Danny Zuko or Tracy Turnblad? Who has a better prom dress, Carrie White or Gabriella Montez? Which is the cattiest clique, the Heathers or the Plastics? Who's better at channeling school spirit, Torrance Shipman or Riff Randell? Will you get extra credit if you join the Breakfast Club? And, most important of all, who will be the class valedictorian, Jeff Spicoli or Cher Horowitz?

Just click on the picture above to enlarge it to its 1024 x 768 size, then right click your mouse and select "Set as Background", and you're all set. If you want, you can also save it to your computer and set it up from there, or modify the size in your own photo-editing program if needed.


  1. I love movies that remind me of high school years!

  2. Movies featured:

    Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    The Breakfast Club
    Bring It On
    Mean Girls
    Rock 'N' Roll High School
    Napoleon Dynamite
    High School Musical 3: Senior Year


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