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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Poster Posts: I'll Take Manhattan

One would think that the image of a naked blue ass floating in the air wouldn't be the first thing movie marketers would think of when it comes to plug a big budget superhero movie, but there it is. Of course, this is not your typical big budget superhero movie we're talking about here, this is Watchmen.

(Actually, the most questionable aspect of this new poster is not Dr. Manhattan's derriere, but the phrase "From the visionary director of 300". Okay, if you say so ... )

For more character one sheets of the cast of Watchmen, check out 'em out at

UPDATE: And be sure to check out the nifty comic-to-poster comparisons at


  1. I like it! And I did think "300" was visionary. I'd never seen anything like it. I also appreciate that Snyder seems fearless at depicting the nude or nearly-nude male form.

  2. Having seen "300" about a dozen times, "visionary" is probably used incorrectly. We usually think of "visionary" as someone who thinks ahead of the curve and has a true vision of the future. Perhaps they should have used "visual stylist" or such but that just doesn't sound impressive. So I guess if you want to peg someone who has an artistic visual style (because let's face it, "300" is almost all style) there's just no simple blurb to say it. Maybe we should buy the PR guys at Warner a thesaurus for Christmas!


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