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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer Under the Stars: Tony Curtis

Movie Dearest continues our daily previews of Turner Classic Movies' month long "Summer Under the Stars" celebration:

Now Playing Star Profile for Tony Curtis - Stardates: Born June 3, 1925, Bronx, New York. Star Sign: Gemini. Star Qualities: Curly black locks, killer smile, sharp timing. Galaxy of Characters: Tino Orsini in Trapeze, Sidney Falco in Sweet Smell of Success, John "Joker" Jackson in The Defiant Ones, Joe/Josephine/Junior in Some Like It Hot.

As with Sidney Poitier, Jack Lemmon and Kirk Douglas in, respectively, The Defiant Ones, Some Like It Hot and Spartacus, Curtis ends up overshadowed by his co-star in Sweet Smell of Success. Not surprising considering it is Burt Lancaster as the sharp-penned, acid-tongued gossip columnist J.J. Hunsecker, arguably the star's greatest screen performance.

Sweet Smell of Success airs tomorrow on TCM at 10:15 PM EST.

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