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Monday, September 1, 2008

90210 Re-Awakens

The comings and goings of Beverly Hills, 90210 alum to its sequel series, titled simply 90210 (premiering tomorrow night on The CW), have been well documented (Jennie's in! Tori's out!). Chief among them is Shannen Doherty's Brenda Walsh, who fans will remember was shipped off to study drama in England back during the original series when Doherty's on-set antics put the actual plots of the teen soap to shame.

How does Brenda return to Beverly Hills on the new show? Well, it seems that Miss Drama Queen has, believe it or not, made quite the name for herself in the London theater scene (and as an actress, no less), so much so that her alma mater, West Beverly, has asked her to direct (yes, direct) their high school musical. Wait, it gets better ... the musical in question is ... Spring Awakening.

Since we have already suspended our belief that Brenda is not only an actress, but a good one (let alone a director), I guess we can suspend it a bit further to believe that Spring Awakening is actually available for non-professionals to produce ... since it is still playing on Broadway, at least in the "real" world. However, it is a bit harder to swallow that any high school (even a fictional one in California) would allow a musical that features such songs as "The Bitch of Living" and "Totally F*cked" to be performed on its campus. And that's not even considering the plot of Spring Awakening, rife as it is with sexuality and suicides. But then again, this is the fantasyland known as Beverly Hills, 90210.

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