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Friday, September 26, 2008

MD Poll: Is There a Doctor in the House?

In recognition of this week's fifth season premiere of Grey's Anatomy, the latest MD Poll takes a look at the crack surgical staff of Seattle Grace and asks, "Who is your favorite doctor?"

Would you rather go under the knife of brilliant brain surgeon Derek Shepherd, or ace plastic surgeon Mark Sloan? Or perhaps the gentle touch of George O'Malley is more your speed, while others would prefer the no-nonsense approach of a Miranda Bailey or a Christina Yang. Choose your physician and place your vote in the poll located in the right hand sidebar; results will be revealed in two weeks.

With only ten spots on the poll, relative newcomers Lexi Grey and Erica Hahn had to sit this one out (and I'm sure you know why Preston Burke isn't here), as well as the new hot doc on the block, Kevin McKidd as Major Hunt. If you caught his debut on the show last night, I think you'll agree that his Mc-less nickname should be Major Hunk.

UPDATE: This poll is now closed. Click here for the results, and click here to vote in the latest MD Poll.


  1. Sorry do not watch it. Since I am in the medical field I feel it is to fake.

  2. And where's Addison? She's not anymore in the show, right, but...

  3. Well, that's why; she's not on the show any more. Since I didn't have room for everyone who's on the show now, I couldn't really put her on there.

    Maybe I'll do a "Private Practice" poll some time in the future, though.

    - kch

  4. Personally, I prefer Michael Phelps as "Dr. McSwimmy", who was introduced on SNL's season opener last week! You can also catch it on Youtube.