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Saturday, October 25, 2008

MD Poll: The Late Night Double Feature Picture Show

Well, it may not be the most horror-ific on the list, but it certainly is the gayest. In the last MD Poll asking you to name your favorite "Homo Horror" movie, The Rocky Horror Picture Show easily Time Warped itself to victory with over a third of the votes.

The gay slasher flick Hellbent and the Hitchcock classic Rope round out the top three. See the comments section below for the full stats, and stay "tooned" for the next MD Poll.

Illustration by Ken Taylor.


  1. What is your favorite HOMO HORROR film?

    Total votes: 40.

    1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show - 35%
    2. Hellbent - 17.5
    3. Rope - 15
    4. The Descent - 10
    5. The Fearless Vampire Killers (a.k.a. Dance of the Vampires) / The Haunting - 7.5
    7. Dracula's Daughter / The Hunger / Otto; or, Up With Dead People - 2.5
    10. Cthulhu - 0.0

  2. Love Rocky Horror Picture Show. When I was younger I used to play a part in the movie beside the stage.

  3. OK, Ray, you can't leave it at that ... what character did you play?


    - kch