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Friday, October 10, 2008

MD Poll: McDream's Are Made of This

Those eyes, the stubble, that hair ... no doubt about it, Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd (as played by Patrick Dempsey) can cure whatever ails you -- just by showing his handsome face. No wonder he was named you favorite Grey's Anatomy doctor in the latest MD Poll, easily landing 1/5th of the total 110 votes. (In sharp contrast, his girlfriend -- and the one whose name is in the show's title -- came in eighth.)

Doctors Miranda Bailey and George O'Malley (portrayed by Emmy Award nominees Chandra Wilson and T.R. Knight) proved equally as popular, tying for second place with 12.7% of the votes each. For the full rundown of the stats for the poll, see the comments section below.

Click here to vote in the latest MD Poll.

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  1. Who is Your Favorite Doctor on "Grey's Anatomy"?

    Total votes: 110

    1. Dr. Derek Shepherd - 20.0%
    2. Dr. Miranda Bailey / Dr. George O'Malley - 12.7
    4. Dr. Mark Sloan - 11.8
    5. Dr. Izzie Stevens / Dr. Christina Yang - 10.9
    7. Dr. Alex Karev - 10.0
    8. Dr. Meredith Grey - 7.3
    9. Dr. Callie Torres - 2.7
    10. Dr. Richard Webber - 0.9