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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Toon Talk: In the Tink

Since her stage debut as a spot of light in J.M. Barrie’s legendary play Peter Pan, Tinker Bell has enchanted and delighted audiences of all ages. However, following her featured role in Walt Disney’s classic animated version over 50 years ago, Miss Bell has had her ups (introducing the weekly Disney television series, leading the nightly fireworks shows at Disney theme parks worldwide) and downs (four words: Julia Roberts in Hook). Nevertheless, Tink is a show biz trooper; she even received her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame recently.

Already the most famous fairy of all time, Tinker Bell is about to get even bigger (despite her pixyish size) as Disney launches its latest multi-media franchise, with Tink herself front and center. With books, websites and a slew of merchandise, the Disney Fairies are poised to give the Disney Princesses a run for their money … all the way to the bank.

Chief among the new wave of offerings set to enthrall little girls everywhere is a brand new series of original DVD adventures starring our gal and her fairy friends, the first of which, titled Tinker Bell (naturally), is now availableon both standard Disney DVD and Disney Blu-ray. And if this premiere installment is any indication, fans of fairies and fantasies are in for a treat for years to come.

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