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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Memo from Movie Dearest: Call for Action

We try not to get too political here at Movie Dearest, but this news hits us a little to close to home as both gay people and moviegoers (thanks to Queer Two Cents for the heads up).

Per AmericaBlog: "Cinemark CEO gave $9,999 to anti-gay Prop 8 bigots — Cinemark. 2700 screens in 13 countries in North and South America. It's CEO, Alan Stock, gave $9,999 to the anti-gay bigots running Prop 8 in California. Time to avoid this cinema like the plague."

Check out the comments there for how to contact not only Mr. Stock, but also the Cinemark board of directors. As for a boycott, I feel that it is each individual's personal decision on what businesses he or she supports. However, for the record, you won't see me in one of their theaters any time soon.

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