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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Women We Love: Janet Gaynor

Object of our affection: Janet Gaynor, actress.

- A superstar of the silent screen, she was the first Academy Award winning Best Actress, for the films Sunrise, Seventh Heaven and Street Angel. She held the record as the youngest Best Actress winner for almost sixty years.

- She successfully made the transfer to sound and was Oscar nominated again for the original film version of A Star is Born; other notable films include The Johnstown Flood (her first starring role), State Fair, Small Town Girl and Three Loves Has Nancy.

- On Broadway, she starred as Maude in the stage adaptation of Harold and Maude.

- Her last screen performance was on an episode of The Love Boat.

- You can catch up on a few of her films tonight on Turner Classic Movies, including the TCM premiere of The Young in Heart, her golden age swan song. Also, the three films she won an Oscar for will be included on the upcoming DVD collection, Murnau, Borzage and Fox.

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  1. Beautiful pic and post on Janet Gaynor. She is one of my favorites and I'm about to post my 20 Top Favorite Actresses meme on my blog. I hope you can check it out.


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