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Friday, February 20, 2009

Out in Film: Dustin Lance Black

Idol worship: Dustin Lance Black, writer/director/ producer.

- His debut as a writer and director was the gay rom com The Journey of Jared Price, quickly followed by the coming out short film Something Close to Heaven.

- In addition to directing and producing On the Bus, he appeared in the documentary about six gay men's road trip to Nevada. He also was featured in the television doc Gay Hollywood.

- Being a former Mormon, he provides a unique insight into the polygamist Mormon family at the center of Big Love. He is co-producer and story editor as well as screenwriter of the critically acclaimed drama series.

- He is currently nominated for (and is the favored to win) the Academy Award for his original screenplay for Milk. His script, based on the life of gay icon Harvey Milk, has already won him several awards, including the Writers Guild of America.

- His next film is also a gay biopic, based on the life of Real World alum/AIDS activist Pedro Zamora. Pedro will have its Los Angeles premiere at Outfest's Fusion Festival next month. Other future projects include A Life Like Mine (directed by Paris Barclay), an adaptation of Tom Wolfe's The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test (directed by Milk's Gus Van Sant) and What's Wrong with Virginia, which he will direct himself.

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