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Monday, April 27, 2009

Cinematic Crush: Evan Marriott

This is the final post in our eight-part look at the Hunks of Reality TV:

Crush object: Evan Marriott, reality TV personality.

- He became famous for starring in the controversial reality dating show Joe Millionaire, the premise of which had him posing as a wealthy bachelor when in fact he was a just a working class guy.

- In "real" reality, he was a construction worker and (as it was discovered later) a former underwear model.

- It was later revealed on Secrets of Reality TV that (no surprise) most of the hit show was fabricated, including the infamous "oral sex in the woods" moment. A second season (without Marriott) titled The Next Joe Millionaire, was a high-profile failure.

- Nevertheless, he parlayed his fleeting fame into appearances on the game shows Hollywood Squares, Family Feud and 1 vs. 100. He also appeared as a contestant on Battle of the Network Reality Stars and hosted of his own dating show, fittingly titled Fake-a-Date.

- He has also tried his hand at acting, usually as a variation of his Joe Millionaire persona, such as on The Simpsons and in the low budget comedy Miss Cast Away.

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