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Saturday, June 6, 2009

MD Poll: Isn't It Romantic?

With Gay Pride month in full swing, we're getting a little romantic with the latest MD Poll.

This month's survey asks you to pick your favorite cinematic Gay Romance, with selections from the classic (Making Love, Maurice, My Beautiful Laundrette) to the current (Little Ashes, Shelter), tragic (Brokeback Mountain, Yossi and Jagger) to the happily-ever-after (Beautiful Thing, Latter Days). And if one of these doesn't set your heart racing, there's a slot to vote for "another gay romance"; list your choice in the comments section below. (And if you're wondering where all the gay rom coms are, remember we did that one already.)

Place your votes in the latest MD Poll located in the right hand sidebar, and check back next month to find out what movie has been chosen as your favorite gay romance!

UPDATE: This poll is now closed; click here for the results, and click here to vote in the next MD Poll.

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