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Sunday, July 5, 2009

MD Poll: Ashes Smashes

Perhaps it was because it is the most recent, or maybe it was a roving band of Robert Pattinson fans, but Little Ashes triumphed over the expected winner Brokeback Mountain in the latest MD Poll asking you to name your favorite cinematic gay romance.

The Salvador Dalí/Federico García Lorca biopic (co-starring Javier Beltrán) dominated the voting, at times at over 50%, finally settling in with a third of the total votes. Brokeback came in second, with Shelter (another recent fave) placing third. See the comments section below for the complete rundown.

1 comment:

  1. What is Your Favorite Cinematic Gay Romance?

    Total votes: 188

    1. Little Ashes - 33%
    2. Brokeback Mountain - 23.9
    3. Shelter - 15.4
    4. Latter Days - 5.9
    5. Another gay romance - 5.3
    6. Beautiful Thing / Maurice - 4.3
    7. Yossi and Jagger - 3.2
    8. My Beautiful Laundrette - 2.7
    9. Making Love - 2.1

    Thanks to all who voted!


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