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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cover Story: Great Scott

The handsome and talented Scott Evans, a.k.a. Officer Oliver Fish on One Life to Live, graces the cover of Instinct Magazine's latest issue.

Read the interview, wherein he says his mom's reaction to his coming out was “Oh, yeah. I knew when I gave birth to you”, here.

See more pictures of Scott Evans in The Back Room (NSFW).


  1. I didn't know we finally have an "out" male soap star. They are all gorgeous and perfect--so you know there are many more. Good for him! I'm going to look for this issue today.

  2. There's a few more currently: Nicholas Rodriguez (also on "One Life to Live") and Thom Bierdz ("The Young and the Restless"). I'm pretty sure Scott was the first though.

    As for women, Clementine Ford is also on "Y&R".