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Saturday, November 28, 2009

MD Poll: Frankly, My Dear ...

... you did give a damn, at least as far as the stars of Gone With the Wind are concerned. Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh's performances as Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara were named your favorites in our latest MD Poll, with the former edging out early contender James Stewart while the latter garnering nearly half of the total votes.

Following Mr. Smith in the male race was Leigh's husband Laurence Olivier, while fellow gay faves Judy Garland and Bette Davis rounded out the top 3 on the ladies' side. Also of note is Best Actor Oscar winner Robert Donat's ninth place finish and Rosalind Russell placing highest among The Women.

See the comments section below for the complete stats for both polls, and stay "tooned" for the next MD Poll.

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  1. What is Your Favorite Male Film Performance of 1939?

    Total votes: 85

    1. Clark Gable in Gone With the Wind - 30.6%
    2. James Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington - 24.7
    3. Laurence Olivier in Wuthering Heights - 12.9
    4. Charles Laughton in The Hunchback of Notre Dame - 9.4
    5. Cary Grant in Gunga Din /
    John Wayne in Stagecoach - 5.9
    7. Henry Fonda in Young Mr. Lincoln /
    Mickey Rooney in Babes in Arms - 3.5
    9. Robert Donat in Goodbye, Mr. Chips - 2.4
    10. Gary Cooper in Beau Geste - 1.2

    What is Your Favorite Male Film Performance of 1939?

    Total votes: 92

    1. Vivien Leigh in Gone With the Wind - 44.6%
    2. Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz - 20.7
    3. Bette Davis in Dark Victory - 8.7
    4. Greta Garbo in Ninotchka /
    Greer Garson in Goodbye, Mr. Chips - 6.5
    6. Rosalind Russell in The Women - 5.4
    7. Joan Crawford in The Women /
    Marlene Dietrich in Destry Rides Again /
    Norma Shearer in The Women - 2.2
    10. Irene Dunne in Love Affair - 1.1

    Thanks to all who voted!