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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dearie Awards 2009: New Stars of the Year - SCOTT EVANS & BRETT CLAYWELL

Soap operas have had gay characters before, but none have been as fully-realized as Oliver Fish and Kyle Lewis, the One Live to Live couple (collectively known as "Kish") expertly brought to life by Scott Evans and Brett Claywell.

Since their storyline began in early 2009, Llanview Police Officer Fish has come out on national TV, been ostracized by his conservative parents and, oh yeah, unknowingly fathered a secret love child (this is a soap after all). Meanwhile, his former college boyfriend Kyle has dodged blackmail charges, returned to med school and almost got married in a mass gay wedding. In the end, they found true love in each other's arms, culminating in a groundbreaking New Year's Eve love scene the likes of which daytime — or even primetime —television has ever seen.

Prior to their breakthrough roles on OLTL, Evans was primarily known as the gay brother of Fantastic Four's Chris Evans (god bless that gene pool), while Claywell had a recurring role on the teen sudser One Tree Hill. Now, with passionately loyal fans that follow the super couple's every move via live blogs, YouTube clips and tribute sites, the dynamic duo are certified soap studs ... and our New Stars of the Year!

Honorable Mentions:
Boldly going where William Shatner went before, Chris Pine brashly recreated the iconic character of James Tiberius Kirk in the new Star Trek, while Javier Beltrán brought poet Federico García Lorca to life in Little Ashes.


  1. I finially saw this and fell in love with that soap. Can think of two HOT gay guys a soap?
    WOOF on this.

  2. Fabulous choice! They make such a cute couple.


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