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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Toon Talk: Of Frogs and Fireflies

Fresh off of its theatrical run and three Academy Award nominations, Disney’s The Princess and the Frog is poised to become the hit it deserves to be with its debut on Disney Blu-ray and DVD this week.

When The Princess and the Frog was released just three months ago, it was met with critical acclaim (including from me) that hailed it as a worthy addition to Disney’s long line of animated classics. However, in the crowded holiday movie marketplace, this Princess never lived up to its full box office potential. But now that it has been released to home video, those families who were too busy with December festivities will have the chance to discover it for themselves ...

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  1. Seen this cartoon in the cinema on Feb, wanna buy DVD for my children.

  2. This blog title caught my eye. Not only because I loved(!) the film, but also because my new favorite iPhone/iPod touch app happens to be a game called "Frogs and Fireflies".
    It's an adorable color matching game, and is fun for both kids and grownups.

    I'll be singing songs from the movie while I play now, hehe! :)

    Best wishes!