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Saturday, June 5, 2010

MD Poll: Goin' South

When it comes to movies adapted from TV shows, Movie Dearest readers prefer them "Bigger, Longer and Uncut".

That's right, South Park reigned in a narrow victory over The Fugitive, while Sex and the City and Star Trek tied for third place. See the comments section below for the complete results.

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  1. What is Your Favorite Movie Based on a TV Series?

    Total votes: 30

    1. South Park - 20.0%
    2. The Fugitive - 16.7
    3. Sex and the City /
    Star Trek - 13.3
    5. The Brady Bunch /
    Wayne's World - 10.0
    7. The Addams Family - 6.7
    8. Charlie's Angels /
    George of the Jungle /
    The Simpsons - 3.3

    Thanks to all who voted!


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