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Friday, November 12, 2010

Reverend's Interview: Going "All American" in 2011

It may be every gay man's dream job: photographing hot, nearly naked men for a living. Some of us can only dream it, while freelance photographer Christian Del Rosario lives it. The gay OC resident is the shutterbug behind the new 2011 calendar, All American Guys, from Village Lighthouse and 10% Productions. I recently spoke with Del Rosario about his life and work.

"It's just a small part of what I do but I feel I get to contribute to the gay community this way," Del Rosario said of shooting the calendar. Originally from the Philippines, Del Rosario now lives in Garden Grove with his partner of nine years. "In gay years, that's 72; like dog years," he laughed.

I asked Del Rosario, who is 40 years old, how he got involved with taking pictures for a living. "I had a corporate job for six years, but the recession came and the company I worked for was laying off people," he related. "I got severance pay and used that to start my photography business." Two and a half years later, Del Rosario is working full time as a photographer after it being a mere hobby most of his life.

Del Rosario's and 10% Productions' latest collaboration features a diverse group of stunningly attractive models in provocative stages of undress and poses. Whether you are into hairy guys, shaved guys, White guys, African-American guys or Latino guys (or all of the above) there is something (someone?) for everyone in All American Guys 2011.

"A lot of the models are gay but not all," the photographer says, "and I enjoy interacting with them." In addition to the 10% website, the calendar can be purchased at local GLBT retailers. Del Rosario's photos are beautifully lit, and the calendar's layout is impressive.

According to his personal website, Attreo Studio Photography, Del Rosario specializes in travel and portrait photography. He can also accommodate special events depending on his availability. Del Rosario has traveled around the world in his quest for suitable subjects and models, which include cityscapes and national monuments in addition to men. He also has a gallery devoted to animals.

"One of my biggest causes is animal rights, and I do anything I can for animals," Del Rosario said. "I'm a big proponent of animal adoption." He and his partner have two boxers they have rescued. They attempted to adopt a third but, unfortunately, the latter dog didn't get along well with the others. Del Rosario clearly has a big heart in addition to a great eye.

Village Lighthouse, Inc., based in Los Angeles, bills itself as "one of the most diverse gay and lesbian consumer products companies in the marketplace." In addition to 10% Productions, the company's wholesale divisions include PROVOCATEUR, Alluvial Entertainment and Greenwood/Cooper Home Video.

Interview by Rev. Chris Carpenter, resident film critic of Movie Dearest and the Orange County and Long Beach Blade.

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