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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Toon Talk: Make Mine Music

70 years ago, Walt Disney unveiled what would become known as his masterpiece, Fantasia. Combining classical music with cutting edge animation, the “concert feature” was intended to feature new segments periodically to create an ever-evolving musical program. However, with the European markets closed due to World War II and a disappointing public reaction in the United States, that idea wasn’t realized…

… That is, until 60 years later, when Walt’s nephew Roy E. Disney revived his uncle’s dream with Fantasia 2000. And now, 10 years after that, both films have recently been released on high definition Disney Blu-rays for the first time. And, as a bonus, we finally get the “lost” DalĂ­/Disney short Destino as well. And while, as would be expected, the two Fantasias look amazing / stunning / breath taking (pick your superlative) in high def, the new “4-Disc Special Edition” is, overall, a disappointment ...

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