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Monday, July 16, 2007

Cinematic Crush: Daniel Craig

When, in Casino Royale, Daniel Craig emerged from the ocean wearing just a baby blue pair of swim trunks, women and gay men around the world gasped. Finally, after 44 years, this was our Ursula Andress moment.

Craig's Bond (... James Bond) made him a star, but viewers with an eye for talent had spotted him before. His smoldering good looks and pitbull demeanor were put to good use in such films as Road to Perdition, Layer Cake and Munich.

And he isn't afraid to play gay either (those Brits never are), as he did in Infamous and Love is the Devil, where he also did it full frontal (and no, it won't take much for you to find those pix on the net, trust me).

Craig will appear later this year in two eagerly awaited new films, The Invasion and The Golden Compass, both co-starring Nicole Kidman (lucky bitch). And yes, he will return as everyone's favorite super spy in the next Bond flick, which will no doubt leave all his fans shaken and stirred.

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  1. Isn't he beautiful though? And a great actor. Casino Royale was a fantastic film, one of the best Bonds in ages, even though I was a big fan of the Brosnan movies. I think they used Bond's raw sexuality a way they haven't since Sean Connery played the role. I admit I hadn't seen Craig in anything until the Bond films, but I've made it my business to check out his other offerings.