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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Comic-Con '07: Just (Re-)Imagine

Before we get to the latest news on remakes from Comic-Con and elsewhere, be sure to check out the UPDATES to my previous posts regarding Indiana Jones and Iron Man.

- Disney continues their wholesale raiding of that "vault" of theirs with the recently announced "re-imagining" of Escape to Witch Mountain. Gee, could the success of a certain boy wizard have anything to do with it?

- The Invasion is the latest in remakes of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (the third!), but it stars Daniel Craig (along with Nicole Kidman, above), so we'll see it any way.

- First Halloween, now Terror Train??? Can't anyone respect the cinematic heritage of Jamie Lee Curtis? (Although Rob Zombie's Halloween looks promising; check out the creepy trailer.)

- Asian action film fans brace yourself, this ain't pretty: Joel Schumacher may direct an Americanized remake or Breaking News.

- From the "Do We Really Need Another Christmas Carol" file (believe me, its an expando file): Robert Zemeckis, who seems to be overdoing all these mo-cap movies of late, will direct Jim Carrey as Ebenezer Scrooge in the latest take on the tale (damn you, Dickens descendants, for allowing it to slip into public domain!). Zemeckis has also recruited his Back to the Future buddies to co-star. Get ready for Christopher Lloyd as the Ghost of Marley (OK, I can see that) and Michael J. Fox as ... Tiny Tim??? Yikes.

- On the TV to movie front: Johnny Depp is eyeing a big screen redo of Dark Shadows. This will be, amazingly, Depp's first role as a vampire.

- If The Simpsons can do it, why not Family Guy?

- Surprising considering how lame the recent teaser trailer was, scenes from Steve Carell's Get Smart was met with enthusiasm at the Con. Smart co-star and Borat refugee Ken Davitian also talked up his upcoming 300 spoof, Hunting and Fishing.

And now we all have the image of the corpulent Davitian in Spartan Speedo's and a cape burned into our brains forever.

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