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Monday, August 6, 2007

Cinematic Crush: Christian Bale

Ever since his amazing debut in Empire of the Sun, we have known the talent of Christian Bale. Teenagers picked up on his cuteness in Newsies, turning it into a cult favorite. He matured into young romantic lead in such period offerings as Little Women and The Portrait of a Lady.

But it was Velvet Goldmine (with his notorious rooftop shag with Ewan McGregor) and American Psycho (displaying a body as defined as his mind was deranged) that we finally saw his sexiness. He honed that image further into a raw masculinity as both action hero (Reign of Fire, Batman Begins) and leading man (The New World, The Prestige).

However, his recent gut-wrenching turn as a P.O.W. struggling to survive in Rescue Dawn brings him full circle. Christian Bale may have the looks of a movie star, but he has the talents of a true actor. And that in itself is sexy enough.

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