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Thursday, November 29, 2007

No Flash in the Pan

It took about two decades, but the 1980 sci fi adventure Flash Gordon is getting some love at last. The campy/ homoerotic Dino De Laurentiis production attempted to give the vintage serial hero a big screen blockbuster. Alas, it crashed and burned upon its initial release, but has since gained a cult following among those of us who love a good bad movie. We love its pathetic special effects, its rockin' theme song, its Sam J. Jones in a leather diaper.

Flash ("Ah-aah!") finally got a DVD releaseearlier this year, and now we have a deluxe action figure line from designer Alex Ross. In addition to Jones' Gordon (clad in his tight little crimson and black tank top), there's Max von Sydow as the merciless Ming, evil emperor of the planet Mongo. Now all we need is Timothy Dalton's Prince Barin, and you can reenact scenes from that other movie, Flesh Gordon, which is so bad ... no, it's just bad.

Click here to purchase the Alex Ross Flash Gordon Movie 7-Inch Figures Wave 1 Setfrom Entertainment Earth.

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