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Thursday, November 29, 2007

You Are 38, Going on 17 ...

When you imagine Zac Efron older, say, 18 years from now, how do you picture him? Well, according to the casting director of his next movie, 17, he'll look a lot like Matthew Perry.

That's right, in Zac's upcoming Big-in-reverse flick, Perry (in what can only be described as an odd career choice for a former Friend) will portray the "before" version of Zac's character; that is, before he wakes up in the body of a teenager and goes back to high school to "bond with his kids". Knocked Up's Leslie Mann co-stars as the wife of Matthew/Zac (lucky bitch ... at least in the "after" scenes).

The comedy will start filming early next year for a 2009 release.

UPDATE: Oh La La has onset pix of Zac's new look for the flick.

UPDATE 2: Apparently, the movie has gone through a title change and now will be called Seventeen Again. And no, it is not now a prequel to 18 Again!

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