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Sunday, December 30, 2007

MD Awards: Man of the Year

In year's past, he played Elvis onstage and 9/11 hero Mark Bingham on film, but 2007 was the breakout year for Cheyenne Jackson. So naturally, he has to be the Movie Dearest Man of the Year.

Stepping into the roller skates of his injured predecessor, Cheyenne took over the central role of Sonny Malone during previews of our Stage Show of the Year, Xanadu, and rolled away with the hearts of everyone who has had the pleasure of seeing him. He'll next be heard on the show's eagerly awaited cast album and, fingers crossed, could net his first Tony Award nomination. He will also star in the horror film Hysteria and the Lifetime TV drama Family Practice next year.

By all accounts, the man who has been dubbed "Broadway's sexiest man" (amen to that) is as refreshingly approachable and swoon inducing in person as one could hope. Now, if only Hollywood would come a callin' with a big screen movie musical for him to star in; after all, I think we can all agree that we can never get to much Cheyenne.

See more pictures of Cheyenne Jackson in The Back Room (NSFW).

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  1. How about a movement to bring on an American version of Torchwood with Cheyenne as the omni-sexual Captain Jack Harkness.