Sunday, December 30, 2007

MD Awards: Television Show of the Year

With a cast of characters that include an ├╝ber diva, her flamboyant assistant, his fabulously bitchy "hag", a transgender hottie and a precocious QIT ("Queen in Training"), it is no wonder that Ugly Betty is often called the gayest show in primetime. Sure, it is; but it also one of the best hours of network programming to come along in a long time, which made it easy to name it the Movie Dearest Television Show of the Year.

With its rich scripts that deftly combine satire with the art of the telenovela, an insanely talented cast and consistently clever direction, Ugly Betty would be nothing without its leading lady, a perky underdog we all (male or female, gay or straight, young or old) can relate to; it is no wonder America Ferrera, in the guise of the spectacled, brace-faced Betty Suarez, has won every award on the map.

Alas, it seems the dreaded writers strike has derailed most if not all of the remaining second season, which has avoided the sophomore slump so many other popular shows have suffered from. Here's to a quick resolution to the ongoing conflict so we can all get back in Mode as soon as possible.

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